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I See Dead People


have just done this once and lost it, so here goes nothing.

have been kicked out of the hostel and have a few hours to kill before the next leg of the journey down to Hue. in an attempt to not get sweaty before the bus i thought i would tell you all about my, very good, day in hanoi.

after i wrote the blog this morning i went to see Ho Chi Minh's body at his mausoleum complex. got on another manic motorbike and sped across town. then you file in through a large building in a never ending line, of which i was pretty much the only non-local. you wait around and then enter a small little dark room where there is a glass sarcophagus with his body in. he doesnt look to happy to be there and it was strange to see him, a little old man who i have read so much about, who committed countless war crimes, all of which went unpunished. the locals walked past and weeped etc, and he has been dead for 30 odd years!

after this i went for a massage. no dont get the wrong idea or anything. i went for a lonely planet one where i was assured that no extras would be offered. the lonely planet once again was wrong. i say no more. despite that i had a quality hour long, full body (well almost) massage and felt truly bloody brillant afterwards. so much so that i went and had some lunch and a beer or two.

i have been considering eating snake - there is a village around hanoi where you can eat it 10 different ways in a meal, but it was a bit of an effort to get there so i didnt bother. there is also a dog meat restaurant but i couldnt do it to dave and the clan so i had to settle for, wait for it...pigeon! really tasty but not much meat on it. i tell you i felt a million dong at that point (although thats about 30 quid). washed down with a couple of ales. now thats how travelling should be.

after this i wandered through the town until i came across the Ho Lo Prison Musuem. it was used by the french for killing the locals when they were in power and the locals to annoy the yanks during the war. all the stuff in there is pretty one sided - about how the americans had committed war crimes etc and how despite this they were treated with the upmost respect whilst they were pow's. then you walk through into the rooms the pow's were kept - rows of chains which bolted arms and legs in fixed positions for 20 hours a day. the floor wasnt level, so if they went to the toilet it would run back down into there faces.

also in the complex were shot down pilots suits and equipment and from the french era a guillotine.

after this i found a random little local bar and promptly got hussled out of a beer by a little vietnamise lady whilst playing pool.

it felt like i have achieved alot today but looking back i havent really - but i have really enjoyed myself today - hopefully the bus journey will not spoil it for me tonight

this it really but in other news -

god damn liverpool are playing t.n.s at wrexham and i am 10,000 miles away, this has not pleased me

my sleeping bag has bitten the dust - i have bought a silk liner instead for a couple of bucks. the bag was big and hot and i never really used it, so i thought i would trade it in for something alot smaller and lighter. it has done me proud but the oz bag is no more.

tempted to buy some original war posters, as i think they would look really good in my house which i will no doubt get at some point. they give you a tube which to store them so i think they might cope with the next 4 months but they are 10$ each and i have spent, more than usual today.

if i make it to hue on the overnight bus i will write again soon, but first i am having a day chilling out doing nothing before i hit the original tunnels used by the viet cong - this i am really looking forward to.

take it easy

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"have just done this once and lost it, so here goes nothing."

Assuming this means that you had to write the entire post twice: What happened? If you write new blog entries, we should automatically save this as a "draft" for you every five minutes, so even if your browser crashes or something, you should be able to recover most of your work in the "manage" tab of your blogs control panel.
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